Hello all; We are now in the world of ZOOM…anyway that is how we conduct our meetings these days…there are whispers of meeting in the park with distancing practices in place…but really that is all about we miss our Toastmaster family.

In a way, this crisis has expanded, burdened and tests our principles where communication towards leadership is the fundamental precept. I thought I was shy in person…but Zoom projections of my ancient face is horrifying “MAKEUP!”. Even the mugshots of our President (of our Toastmasters Club) who in real life is charismatic, inviting, gregarious…. on Zoom…”What is with the Richard Nixon sweat?”…blank wall background???? Where is the “I LOVE ME” documents.

So you see…we are in a very new world of communication to experiment with. That is the job of Toastmasters…to provide a safe place to test, explore and expand on.

So if you are sitting in your bathroom hiding from your kids and hoping for a diversion to give you direction… contact us and we will figure something out, maybe. At least the attempt will give you a reason for sitting in your bathroom

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