Small but Impactive Meeting

Now I would say that because I was a speaker.  We had a low attendance meeting but as is out creed, we were driven and able to occupy all positions….even though Cole did double duty and did two evaluations in order to claim an uncontested “best evaluator” award.

Our table topics were varied and centered upon current events…Newbie Rodney took the prize mostly because he revealed so much of his personal story.  Table topics is a very subtle means of learning about your fellow toastmasters….over the years it fortifies and strengthens your relationships.

April Showers gave an impassioned speech that discussed the “Journey” over the destination with regards to Toastmasters.  She is a dedicated, accomplished and inspiring Toastmaster that truly wants success for our club and is focused on that effort.

I gave a convoluted, poorly developed, net less speech on Leadership…under the guise of humor…holding back sarcasm, contemplating oxymorons and contemplating Shakespearean tragedies…. I was able to deliver to my audience a relatively cognitive dissertation without once relying on a “knock-knock” joke.

I was acclaimed the winner.  But in our club that could just mean that you revealed yourself more….laid it out there, even though not truly prepared.  We pride ourselves for providing a safe place to develop your speaking skills…

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