Somewhat like a hangover after the advancement of our very own Cole Garcia to the next level of competition in the International Toastmasters contest this week’s meeting was lightly attended.

Time to see where the final competition will be held….IRAN??? because I see success depending on the rest of Cole’s life experiences.

Our meeting this week was a bit weak with four people showing…Other clubs would have a collective nervous breakdown with such a turnout…Not Us…No Problema…just an opportunity to talk more without the pesky Grammarian looking on.

Happily our newest prospect DANIEL showed up.  Of course a prospective new member always brings the best promotional instincts for Toastmaster to the forefront…. April Showers giving a great summary of how meeting are conducted…being interrupted by those of us surrounding her.

Our next Month’s schedule is under construction…but it has been confirmed that Anne will be giving her first ICE BREAKER speech.  Hope you all can attend.

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